slideshow: five Latino-themed movie pitches for Pixar


slideshow: five Latino-themed movie pitches for Pixar

  • The Legend of El Cucuy

    A little brother and sister discover a cave that houses a mysterious secret: El Cucuy, the demon that parents invoke to scare their kids into doing chores. But is El Cucuy a friend or foe?
  • The Red Grasshopper

    Who wouldn't watch an adaptation of El Chapulín Colorado? The Red Grasshopper battles a mean mafia boss who threatens to evict all of the residents of the Grasshopper's apartment complex, including his secret crush.
  • Cinco De Mayo

    A Mexican girl who is ashamed of her roots runs away from home and finds a time machine that sends her to Mexico in the year 1862. She ends up helping the residents of Puebla win the battle of Cinco de Mayo and learns a very important lesson: ChocoMilk and nachos weren't around in 1862.
  • The Little Champ

    A young bullying victim finds his great grandfather's lucha libre mask and discovers it magically turns him into a superhero. How will the bullies act when they're in a figure-four leg lock?
  • Chuy El Chupacabras

    Chuy the chupacabras is blamed for scaring off all the animals on a farm he secretly calls home until Chuy discovers the real culprit: a rival farmer who wants to put his rivals out of business. Sorry folks, no cattle deaths – it's a kids movie!
  • Pixar, the makers of Toy Story, Cars and UP, recently announced that they are working on an animated film based on Día de los Muertos. Can they turn a movie about the traditional Latin American holiday into a hit? If they do, chances are that they'll be looking for more Latino-themed movies. Hey Pixar, here are a few movie pitches – for free. You're welcome. We think.
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