slideshow: who should Selena Gomez date next?


slideshow: who should Selena Gomez date next?

  • Gerardo Ortiz?

    Maybe Gerardo can help Selena with her Spanish.
  • Pitbull?

    Mr. Worldwide knows how to party.
  • John Mayer?

    Or the guy who dates EVERYBODY?
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  • Drake?

    Or the sensitive rapper?
  • Chris Brown?

    Will she rebound with a bad boy?
  • Taylor Lautner?

    She'll finally date someone her age.
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  • Prince Royce?

    They can make beautiful music together.
  • Mark Sanchez?

    Will he fumble her heart?
  • Now that Selena Gomez is no longer a Belieber, who should the young starlet date?
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  • Harry Styles of One Direction?

    One pop star out, another one in.
  • David Henrie?

    There were once rumors about the two... will they return?
  • Lil Wayne?

    Selena can provide the "young" and Lil Wayne can provide the "money."
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  • Javier "Chicharito" Hernandez?

    Chicharito knows how to score.
  • Demi Lovato?

    BFFs 4EVER?
  • General David Patraeus?

    Can they keep it a secret?
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