daily dos: César Chávez's national monument, a Latino Laker and El Coyote goes under the knife


daily dos: César Chávez's national monument, a Latino Laker and El Coyote goes under the knife

  • Just a week after Justin Bieber was caught throwing up during one of his concerts, Lady Gaga was filmed vomiting while she performed in Barcelona. Unlike Bieber, however, Lady Gaga danced like no one was watching.
  • Meet Ronnie Aguilar, the NBA's first Salvadoran-American player. The 26-year-old Aguilar, who was born to a Salvadoran father and Honduran mother, signed a contract to join the Los Angeles Lakers' training camp roster. The 7'1" center is considered a longshot to make the Lakers' final roster.
  • Regional Mexican star El Coyote says he's got enough kids, so he decided get a vasectomy: "Hay mucha gente que no le gusta hacerse esta operación y después que se la hacen les da vergüenza platicar, y yo no. Lo hice porque tengo cinco hijos y tome la decisión de ya no tener familia (There's a lot of people who don't want to have this surgery and then they're embarrassed to talk about it. Not me. I did it because I have five kids and I decided not to add more to my family."
  • Hugo Chávez will remain the president of Venezuela for six more years after he defeated Henrique Capriles by 10 percentage points (55% to 45%) in the South American country's presidential elections. Chávez has been in power for 14 years.

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  • Could the DREAM Act boost the economy? Passing the DREAM Act would add $329 billion and 1.4 million new jobs to the U.S. economy by 2030, according to a report by the Center for American Progress: "Our study finds that investments in these students will pay off greatly in the future."

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  • President Obama will officially designate Latino civil rights leader César Chávez's former home, La Paz, as a national monument. The 187-acre site is currently the United Farm Workers of America's headquarters.
  • Having trouble sleeping? Don't eat junk food or chile before you go to bed. TODAY show diet and nutrition editor Madelyn Fernstrom: "Avoid high fat meals or eating a lot of food before you go to bed because digestion interrupts comfortable sleep. You should also avoid highly spiced foods because when you lay down, you may have reflex."

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