daily dos: Demi Lovato joins X-Factor, a girl battles fleash-eating bacteria and Thor has a baby


daily dos: Demi Lovato joins X-Factor, a girl battles fleash-eating bacteria and Thor has a baby

  • Aubrey O'Day, the latest "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant to get the axe, speaks with Entertainment Weekly about working with Fidel Castro. O'Day says while she was participating the Semester at Sea program, she was in "hospitals with kids doing treatments, helping make lives better, helping save lives" in Cuba.

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  • The bodies of 49 decapitated people were found near Monterrey, Mexico in what is believed to be the result of violence between the Sinaloa and Zetas drug cartels. Raul Benitez Manaut of UNAM: "This is the most definitive of all the cartel wars."

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  • The relatives of people killed by Mexican drug cartel violence are not only dealing with the grief of their losses, they are also dealing with friends and family who assume that the victims may have been involved in the drug trade. "There are mothers crying now as widows, young children who won’t know their fathers, and aside from that society has taken it upon itself to damage us with bad comments," says Rafael Carrillo, whose brother was murdered last year.

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  • "We really don't see the suffering side of it. We see the miraculous survival," says Andy Copeland father of Aimee Copeland, the graduate student at the University of West Georgia fighting the flesh eating virus, necrotizing fasciitis. So far the bacteria has cost Copeland a leg, part of her abdomen and she may lose her fingers.
  • Chris Hemsworth (The Avengers, Thor) and Spanish actress Elsa Pataky (Fast Five, Máncora) are celebrating the birth of their first child, a baby girl named India Rose.

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  • Adrian Vasquez, a Panamanian fisherman who was stranded in the ocean for 28 days, is suing U.S.-based Princess Cruises. The 18-year-old, who watched two of his shipmates die, says one of Princess' Cruises ships passed him on the 16th day he was shipwrecked without stopping to help. International maritime law requires a ship to "render assistance to any person found at sea in danger of being lost." Princess Cruises claimed their ship didn't stop due to a "breakdown in communication."

  • The rumors were true. Demi Lovato has signed on to judge "The X Factor" with Simon Cowell.

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