daily dos: president obama supports gay marriage, sofia vergara flying solo, and victor cruz is hot


daily dos: president obama supports gay marriage, sofia vergara flying solo, and victor cruz is hot

  • Is Sofia Vergara single and ready to mingle? According the the New York Post, the Colombian bombshell attended the Met Gala solo and told other guests that her relationship with boyfriend, Nick Loeb, has ended.

    (Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty)
  • Dominic Deville, a hired clown who will "stalk" a child for a week before throwing a pie in his or her face, is making a killing in England. Deville, who also sends threatening text messages, insists that the kids love it: "The clown will never break into a residence or show up at work. It’s all in fun and if, at any point, the kids get scared or their parents are concerned, we stop right there."

    (Image via Metro UK)
  • A paralyzed completed the London Marathon in a bionic suit. Claire Lomas, a paraplegic who has not walked in five years, finished the 26.2 mile race in 16 days.
  • Security forces have captured Maria Jimenez, the Mexican assassin connected with at over 20 homicides and several kidnappings. Jimenez allegedly received $1,700 a month from the notorious Mexican cartel, Los Zetas, to carry out killings and crimes in Mexico.
  • Kids as trash cans? Fast food company Subway is promoting child obesity awareness in Puerto Rico by placing trash cans that look like open-mouthed kids featuring the slogan "Alimentalos Mejor" (Feed Them Better).
  • The salsa dancing wide receiver, Victor Cruz, is on the cover of Latina's June/July 2012 Hot Guys Issue. Cruz talks about his father's suicide and his road to NFL success.
  • The New York Times profiles Joseph Rodriguez, a documentary photographer whose "Migrantes" project follows the journey of immigrant families as they leave their homeland and cross the border. "Family has always been important for me in every project that I do. Growing up in New York, my family was very much not there," says Rodriguez.

    (Joseph Rodriguez)
  • President Obama has become the first sitting president to support gay marriage. In an interview with ABC's Robin Roberts, Mr. Obama said, "I’ve just concluded that for me personally, it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same-sex couples should be able to get married."
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