daily dos: Wisin & Yandel release a new video and join J. Lo in Los Angeles, Vanessa Bryant wants more rings


daily dos: Wisin & Yandel release a new video and join J. Lo in Los Angeles, Vanessa Bryant wants more rings

  • Tyrann Mathieu, the LSU college football star known as the "Honey Badger," has entered a drug rehab center in Houston. Mathieu, a highly-rated NFL prospect, was cut from his LSU team for violating the team's substance abuse policy. Mathieu was reportedly contacted by 20 schools who were looking to recruit him, but he chose to stay at LSU and enter rehab.

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  • The members of a Russian female punk band called Pussy Riot have been sentenced to two years in jail for "hooliganism." The three female members of the group were arrested earlier this year for playing in a church and performing a song that was critical of President Vladimir Putin. Amnesty International called the sentence a "bitter blow for freedom of expression in the country."
  • Cuando calienta el sol: Luis Miguel may think twice about getting an artificial tan. The Mexican singer was recently photographed with salmon-colored stains on his shirt, most likely from sweating off a fake tan.
  • Vanessa Bryant, Kobe Bryant's wife, appears to be backtracking from a statement she made in New York magazine. "I certainly would not want to be married to somebody that can't win championships," said Bryant in the interview. Bryant, who reconciled with Kobe after filing for divorce, said her comments were taken out of context: "I have been with Kobe for 13 years. I accepted his marriage proposal prior to him winning any of his five championships with his teammates."

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  • Espinoza Paz recently acknowledged that some of his band members have received threats, and the 30-year-old singer says he hopes he remains unharmed: "Lo único que sé es que si una persona te quiere hacer daño se las va a ingeniar para hacerte daño, ya sea llegando del aeropuerto o bien llegando a tu casa o donde sea. Espero que no me hagan daño porque yo no lo hago (All I know is that if someone wants to hurt you, they'll find a way, whether it's at the airport or when you arrive home. I hope no one hurts me because I don't hurt anyone)."
  • A nerdy poolboy takes a dip and emerges out into a party with Wisin & Yandel, Chris Brown and T-Pain in a new video, "Algo Me Gusta De Ti."
  • Despite dropping out of the Jennifer Lopez and Enrique Iglesias concert tour a few months ago, there appears to be no bad blood between Wisin & Yandel and Jennifer Lopez. Wisin & Yandel joined J. Lo on stage at Staples Center in Los Angeles to perform their hit song, "Follow The Leader."

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