who's next: Luis Coronel


who's next: Luis Coronel

  • Is Luis Coronel Regional Mexican music's answer to Justin Bieber? In the span of a year, the babyfaced banda singer has gone from posting covers on YouTube to traveling the United States with artists like Banda El Recodo, Recoditos and Gerardo Ortiz. How did 17-year-old Coronel become an "overnight" sensation?
  • Like Bieber, Coronel built his fanbase via YouTube. Just a few years ago, Coronel was a kid from Arizona with aspirations of becoming a pro boxer. Singing was just a hobby, something that Coronel did for fun. When Coronel began posting cover songs on YouTube, he noticed that his fans far outweighed the number of haters.
  • Overwhelmed by the positive feedback, Coronel decided to hang up his gloves and began pursuing a career in music. As his popularity on social media grew, Coronel caught the attention of DEL Records, the home of Gerardo Ortiz, Regulo Caro and Banda Culiacancito. Coronel signed with DEL Records and began working on his solo debut.
  • Earlier this year, he released "Dime Que Paso," a track about a deteriorating relationship, to a lukewarm response. Months later, his love song "Mi Niña Traviesa" became a breakout hit. Coronel's video for "Mi Niña Traviesa," which features the lanky teen playing a schoolboy who can't stop dreaming about his crush, has already surpassed one million views on YouTube. Despite his early success, Coronel remains a dreamer: the young singer says he wants to continue his education and one day become an astronaut. Why? So he can become the first singer to perform in space.
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